DNA data for hominoidea and outgroups?

Ludvig Mortberg (Agneta.Guillemot@historia.umu.se)
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 15:03:44 GMT

Hello everyone!

Does anybody know how much DNA or proteins have been sequenced in the
apes and outgroups for cladistic analysis? I'm not interested in the
actual sequences of course. Just knowing which proteins or sequences
would help when I search abstracts for articles on the actual

I already know of five proteins that has been sequenced (aminoacids)
for apes.

fibrinopeptide A and B (Doolittle et al., 1971)
hemoglobin alfa and beta (Maita et al., 1978)
myoglobin (Romero-Herrera et al., 1976)

Have other proteins been sequenced?

I know of a stretch of 896 bases, sequenced from mitochondrial DNA in
apes and outgrop (Brown et al., 1982), and the eta globin gene from
nuclear DNA where data is available from apes and outgroups as well
(Koop et al., 1986). And a DNA sequence from the alfa-1-globin gene.

Are there more?

I should really search abstracts for info like this, but asking people
on usenet is a shortcut.

Thanks in advance!