Re: I Actually Saw a Live Pith...

Thu, 13 Jul 1995 00:48:46 GMT

In article <3u0vla$>,
Phil Nicholls <> wrote:
>Dave Keeny <> wrote:
>IF you want to respond to a troll, do so by email. Responding
>publically only encourages them. They are seeking attention and the
>best way to get them to go away is to not give it to them.
>By the way, this is a suggestion and not a edict.
>Phil Nicholls "To ask a question you must first

The irony of this is while most are disciplined enough
to ignore my silly troll bait, this dumbkopf sticks his
snout in the trap time and time again...

And then while gobbling the cheese, has the appalling
stupidity to lecture others on why they mustn't do it...

Hey, Prof. Nicholls... Hey, you nutty guy... Anybody home...?