Re: prime numbers and African artifact

David Wayne McKee (
14 Jul 1995 20:21:14 GMT

Peter Seebach ( wrote:
: In article <3u3tom$>, SEELIGER <jes7123@omega> wrote:
: >Yeah, but what's an easy way to show 254365465431652436514232 is not a
: >binary number?

: Duh. It is. It's
: 110101110111010010110111110...00011000001111001010110111000.

: What gave you the idea it wasn't representable in binary? All even numbers
: can be represented in binary. (Most odd numbers can, too. Exceptions are
: the powers of three... actually, more generally, the only odd numbers that
: can be represented base two are those that are also multiples of some power
: of two, so they can be converted over.)


** ALL integers can represented in ANY positive integer base **

(are there negative bases, or non-integer ones?). The issue of finite
representation only comes up with the fractional parts of rational

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