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14 Jul 1995 21:19:18 GMT

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>Tears, idle tears... If anyone can find an ape that weeps from grief, I
>will eat my computer. The innervation is totally different..

If you will show me an aquatic mammal that weeps from grief, _I_
will eat your computer. Just make sure you use the _same_ standards
of proof that you would use for primates.

"Different from other primates" even if it holds up, is not
automatically "support for the aquatic ape hypothesis." And any
attempt to make anything out of humans being the only primate, or the
only animal to spend a large part of its evolutionary history on the
savannah, or the only whatever else to take a particular tack, leaves
yourself _wide_ open to objections about, in your hypothesis, humans
then become "the only aquatic animal" to take a number of tacks--like
bipedalism. I'm still waiting for a citation of even _one_ animal
that took up bipedalism as a result of an aquatic lifestyle.

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