Re: Notice to Phil Nicholls...

Phillip Bigelow (
11 Jul 1995 16:59:46 -0700 (BARD) writes:

>>>>> Mr. Nicholls,
>>>>> This upcoming Monday morning I will be in contact with your
>>>>> department head at SUNY Albany. I will email him a copy of your
>>>>> email note as well as the many others you have sent me over the past
>>>>> few months.

> First lesson, Mr. Nicholls, it is one thing to cast aspersion on
> my character and mental stability on your own, quite another
> to solicit confidential information about my account from a "friend"
> you have at Netcom!


> You will name this person and you will do it publically!

> Further, I want a public apology from both he and you or rest
> assured I will pursue appropriate action.
> I am not kidding, Mr. Phil Nicholls... This is a very serious matter...

> You have stepped over the line...


You have no case. In order to sue for defamation of character, you have
to be publicly identified, using your legal name. You are posting
under an assumed name. You will have to post your legal name in order
to be defamed enough to sue. Doubtful that will happen, so Mr. Nicholls can
sleep soundly. Your anonymity is your downfall.

To everyone else: For those who use commercial services for internet
access, please petition your provider to make available to all the legal names
of any internet user. On the educational nets, this is accomplished through
the Unix "finger" command. There should be a similarly easy way to identify
people on the commercial nets as well.(ie., AOL, Netcom, Prodigy, etc.).
Presently, there is none.
Nothing makes a user more accountable for his/her free speech than having
his/her real name appended to whatever they write.
Just thought I would give you all something digital to chew on.