Re: I Actually Saw a Live Pith...

Thu, 6 Jul 1995 09:19:33 GMT

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>On Wed, 5 Jul 1995 15:25:10 GMT, (Bearcat) wrote:
>=>BARD ( wrote:
>=>: >
>=>: >: Two years ago while traveling in Africa I saw a live
>=>: >: australopithecine... Several of them in fact.
>=>: >
>=>: >: I'm not kidding...
>=>: >
>=>: >Where did you see them?
>=>: >
>=>: >How did you know that the .... creatures you saw were
>=>: >Apiths?
>1. Were you in the company of credible witnesses?

Define "credible witnesses"

I was in the company of two native Africans. I'm sorry,
but I cannot at this time reveal their tribe or place of

>2. How do you define the category, "pithecine?"

This is not necessary here.

I make no claim to be a trained scientist.

I state only that I saw three creatures I took to be Piths.

>3. Do you have any institutionally recognized training in anthropology?

I do not...

>I ask these questions not to prove you wrong, but to help prove your
>credibility as an observer of something that has, supposedly, not been seen
>in near half a million years.
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