Re: Inquiry on Grover Krantz

Daan Sandee (sandee@Think.COM)
18 Jul 1994 22:59:48 GMT

In article <30dden$>, (IraWalters) writes:
|> In article <30cff0$>, (Bryant) writes:
|> Spent a growing-up in the Oregon and Washington Cascades, where many
|> "sightings" occur, and where (interestingly) the native americans had no
|> myths or stories of such creatures. Sasquatch was a bit of a legend from
|> the Salishan speakers, closer to the northwest coast, and none of their
|> myths agreed with one-another, intertribally, either...
|> I am not personally familiar with native american legends, though I have
|> heard that many tribes have some sort of sasquatch legend (the name

(lots of Bigfoot material deleted)

You really must learn how to quote correctly. Bryant had occasion to
complain about it before. We are aware that AOL's newsreader software
leaves much to be desired, but it's not a sufficient excuse. (Don't
you have an account at WSU?)

Your original question was about Dr.Grantz's opinions on Bigfoot
influencing your career. It appears that your own opinions on
Bigfoot could also be of some influence.

Anyway, we don't want to discuss Bigfoot in this newsgroup. It belongs to
alt.urban.legends, or something (alt.rural.legends would be better.)
Sci.anthropology is appropriate for Native American legends.

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