Trolling for Sasquatch

18 Jul 1994 11:41:04 GMT (IraWalters)

You originally posted a message asking if being a graduate student
of Dr. Krantz would hurt your career. It now appears that Dr. Krantz
is not the only one interested in Bigfoot.

Just out of curiosity, are you really applying to graduate school or
are you just "trolling", a term which refers to the practice of posting
a message in order to get a rise out of someone in a particular
newsgroup (like going into soc.culture.jewish and making anti-semetic

Sounds to me like you want to have a discussion about Bigfoot. Might
I suggest an alt or talk newsgroup instead of this one.

Philip Nicholls "To ask a question,
Department of Anthropology you must first know
SUNY Albany most of the answer."