Re: Trolling for Sasquatch

IraWalters (
18 Jul 1994 14:08:04 -0400

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Mr. Nicholls asked me if I really was interested in how Dr. Krantz's work
would affect my future career, thinking instead I might be more interested
in talking about sasquatch.

I truely am interested in how Dr. Krantz's work would affect me, or I
would not have posted the original question. Until now, the only response
I received was from Bryant at UNM, who also asked me about the evidence
Dr. Krantz accepted in support of bigfoot. I answered his questions
because I thought it would be inconsiderate not to.

As for my personal beliefs about the subject, I do believe Dr. Krantz has
some valid arguments, however, I do not fully accept the reality of
bigfoot. I particularly have a problem with this creature maintaining a
viable breeding population without having been shot by a hunter (though I
did give a possible reasons why one hasn't been shot yet in an earlier
installment). For the moment, I file bigfoot into the category of an
"interesting curiosity that deserves at least some attention", either to
find the creature (if it exists) or to see how the tracks with dermal
ridges could be faked well enough to fool several experts.

I will do my best to answer any questions people may post about bigfoot,
but I truely am primarilly interested in an answer to my original

Washington State University