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17 Jul 1994 18:05:01 -0400

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Dr. Krantz bases his assertions on the existence of bigfoot on two major
pieces of evidence: 1) dermal ridges present on some hand and foot tracks,
and 2) the crippled foot of one creature which enabled Dr. Krantz to
determine its internal anatomy.

The dermal ridges have been found on at least half a dozen seperate
"individuals", and reveal remarkable detail, including sweat pores. These
casts have been examined by fingerprint experts from several police
departments, the FBI and Scotland Yard, and all have declared them
genuine. No one has yet come up with a practical means of faking these
dermal ridges, though Dr. Krantz and several others have tried.

The "cripple-foot" specimen was first examined by Dr. Krantz about 25
years ago, and through his analysis he was able to reconstruct its
internal anatomy. The foot was crippled in such a way as to reveal the
joints between the tarsals and metatarsals, and also their length. By
comparison with human foot anatomy, he was able to determine the position
of the talus bone, and thus the position of the ankle relative to the
foot. The distal shift of the talus bone was consistent with that of a
creature weighing around 800 lbs., which is the estimated weight of the
sasquatch. Dr Krantz believes the task of faking the anatomy of a
non-human creature in such a way that its anatomy could be revealed
through a foot imprint is beyond the capability of even the most expert