Re: Inquiry on Grover Krantz

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17 Jul 1994 13:04:19 -0600

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IraWalters <> wrote:

>I am a new graduate student of Dr. Grover Krantz, Washington State
>University. I am curious as to his reputation in the academic world -
>specifically, how has his bigfoot research affected his reputation as a
>scientist (for those who don't know, Dr. Krantz accepts some of the
>evidence for the existence of bigfoot to be real, and that this creature
>is a surviving member of the genus Gigantopithicus).
>As I will eventually need to seek employment when I have earned my degree,
>I would like to know if Dr. Krantz's work will negatively affect me.

I do not think that any published defense of bigfoot existence by your
mentor will help you in any way. However, if he's fallen into obscurity
since making these claims, his name may have been forgotten.

What evidence did he accept?