Re: Archaic H. sapiens???

Dan Barnes (
Tue, 21 Jan 1997 17:41:43 GMT

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>J E Hawcroft <> wrote:
>>Lieberman's work was seriously undermined by an article by Hayden (I
>>think - anyway it was in AJPA in January 1994) who said that Lieberman's
>>reconstruction of the neanderthal pharynx was all wrong. Lieberman had
>>shown the pharynx down in the chest, an impossible position, and
>>concluded that the neanderthals couldn't possibly have a modern pharynx.
>>But he did this calculation with the neanderthal skull in the wrong
>>plane, and Hayden (I think) showed that if you put the skull in the
>>normal in vivo position a modern-type pharynx could easily have been
>>accomodated in the neanderthal throat.
>Maybe someone can confirm or deny this, but I heard from a visiting
>prof (Yaroch--I forget her first name) that Lieberman's reconstruction
>was also based upon the La Chapelle skull, which apparently was not itself
>reconstructed correctly, especially in the area of the basicranium. I
>think the problem is that the basicranium is not as flat as the original
>reconstruction suggested.
The definitive article that I know of (and, I think, the one Jenny was refering to) is:

Schepartz, L.A. (1993) Language and modern human origins. AJPA. 36.

It deals with all the points raised by Lieberman's work and many others.