War Between Good and Evil (was Re: Is Bob Only Exaggerating?)

Mark Raven (markraven@mailmasher.com)
Tue, 21 Jan 1997 12:42:24 -0800

On 21 Jan 97 00:30:14 GMT, Alex Vange <vange@mail.cdmnet.com> wrote:

>smaceach@polar.bowdoin.edu wrote:
>>Hitler probably leads the pack of monsters for the 20th century at
>>least, likely neck-and-neck with Stalin and Mao. Monsters are monsters.
>>OTOH, I actually don't see the latter being defended with the passion
>>with which revisionists defend Hitler. Have you seen anyone within the
>>last few years seriously deny that Stalin's purges happened?
> Stalin was on the side of evil. America joined with the side of evil
>to fight the good side which was the axis.

If you think that the Axis was "the good side", I guess you're not bothered by
the mass tortures inflicted upon civilian populations and upon prisoners of
war--including Americans-- by the Japanese.

One day, people will learn that wars are fought between opposing interests,
not between "Good" and "Evil". But that pablum seems to work for the masses.

Mark Raven