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Tue, 21 Jan 1997 20:38:54 GMT

On 21 Jan 1997 14:57:55 GMT, Lawton)

>........... I once saw Carlos do a wonderful immitation of a female
>workshop participant who was a model practicioner during the weekend,
>then went home on Monday to spread her legs for her husband like a good
>little wife. The whole room was choking from his imitation, he jerked
>open both arms into a big V shape, giving the impression of a woman's
>body plopping down on the bed with her legs up high and spread.

as memory serves, that's an old shecky green carlos
paying royalties on its use??...

>..........Don Genaro and group seem to be stuck there,
>but there's no possibility of a rescue party. Carlos has said that if
>anyone offered to help Don Juan, he'd spit in their eye. Sorcerers
>don't go around trying to get money or help from people,...

and yet...from "the art of dreaming":
"Our impeccable intent to save you did the work. The scout took us,
in the blink of an eye, to where you were lying, half dead, and Carol
dragged you out."

>The blue scout was a child, then grew up like everyone else. Don Juan
>raised her. She attends the workshops and sometimes reads poetry
>written by Carlos. You can talk with her if you like, but usually
>people surround her and try to get her to talk about things like the
>inorganic beings realm, a topic she seems to be tired of hearing about.

so this being from another dimension is attending these gatherings in
physical form...have the immigration people been informed??...

>........Those workshops are not a good way to make money.
>You can't possibly be a business man or you would figure that out with
>a Calculator in about 1 minute. Figure it takes about 1 million
>dollars in sales volume to support 15 employees of varied skill levels.
> It's a good rule of thumb. Then figure that Cleargreen has over 20
>and doesn't take in that much money. Plus they have to pay for the
>outrageous room rentals. Some of those convention center rooms rent
>for $10,000 per day. They maintain a permanent office to answer phones,
>publish videos and newsletters, etc. How would you like to have to
>figure out how to support that organization? But that's what it takes
>to put on workshops of this size, there's no way around it.

yes...jimmy swaggert had many of the same complaints, as did "miracle
revivals inc." , "the two", the society for the integration of
post-terrestials...etc...etc..every business has its expenses...

>And Carlos sure isn't out to get attention. He just isn't like that.
>For instance, I know a martial artist and healer in Los Angeles who
>knew Carlos for years, even shot home private martial arts movies with
>him and (I believe the other fellow was) Raymond Chow. Carlos would
>play the bartender.

are you hinting here that carlos has not solved his alcohol

>I can't think of anything I want anymore. You can't fake something
>like that. While all my friends are trying to buy the next little toy
>or car they have their eye on, or trying to manipulate (they call it
>"falling in love") some poor woman into sex, I don't have any interests
>like that anymore. I sure was filled to the brink with them before I
>met Carlos. I was always pining after something I just had to have.
>Sound familiar?

yes...there are many who suffer from the same insecurites, sexual and
economical, that seem to have caused you such is upon
those insecurities that the lords of spiritual fuedalism plant their

>Why not look at it in terms of the money saved on doctors, food,
>cigarettes, alcohol, expensive cars, dating rituals, etc? In those
>terms, I've made a fortune.

why not just answer the state that you are a
businessman...i assume that you keep track of where your money
goes...what amount have you spent so far on this??...

>>hmmm...perhaps you might state to how many newsgroups you posted this
>>announcement in its varied forms?? ..

as you avoided answering this question, i reask it...

>If you really want to figure this out instead of just getting all
>stirred up intellectually, posting and reposting in a dual of the
>keyboard, why not take a good honest look at your life. Look at where
>you really are, what you really do during the day, and look were you're
>headed. Don't you visit the same few rooms during the day, travel the
>exact same route, just getting older and tireder? Any new thoughts
>popped into your head lately, I mean genuinely new ideas? Sorcerery
>ideas are so new and foreign that you can't even discribe a single
>thing about them accurately, yet you can experience them all the same.
>The world's filled with wonderful new things, but we all wander around
>too tired and preoccupied to notice anything but the same old stuff.
>Is that what you really want to defend?

sorry...i don't accept strawman assignments...