Re: Review of Human Evolution

debra mckay (
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 18:28:45 GMT (Susan S. Chin) wrote:

>Michael McBroom ( wrote:
>: An outstanding book, yes, and one that provides a decent refresher on
>: evolutionary theory, as well. I highly recommend it. I can also
>: recommend _From Lucy to Language_ by Johanson and another author whose
>: name escapes me. It's expensive, but the photography is exquisite.
>"From Lucy to Language" is excellent. It's a coffee table sized book that
>I don't mind actually reading. Oh and the authors: Don Johanson of
>"Lucy" fame, and Blake Edgar, of the California Academy of Sciences, and
>also a former classmate in "Osteo U." (sorry, inside joke)

I just broke down and bought _From Lucy to Language_ (you think it's expensive
in the States? You don't know from expensive!!); what I've read of it is fairly
basic, but it *is* all aspects of the discipline in one place--I do wish the
references were a little more extensive, though. A couple of minor booboos, but
the photography is *truly* outstanding!

Would that be the "Osteo U" mentioned in the preface of White and Fokens' _Human
Osteology_? We use that as the text for our osteo course up here. Another
damned fine book--highly recommended.