Re: Review of Human Evolution

16 Jan 1997 07:14:33 GMT

Debra McKay wrote:

>>I just broke down and bought _From Lucy to Language_ ..... A couple of
minor booboos, but
the photography is *truly* outstanding!

Would that be the "Osteo U" mentioned in the preface of White and Fokens'
Osteology_? We use that as the text for our osteo course up here.
damned fine book--highly recommended.<<

Minor booboos? Okay, I must've been staring at the photos too long and not
paying attention to the text as I should, but what were the mistakes? And
I agree, the text is geared towards the general audience interested in
paleoanthro, there were few technical terms used. Can't beat those photos
though, most of them by David Brill of National Geographic fame.

"Osteo U" is our name for TW's Human Osteology class.... we call it a
University since once you're in the class, you enter a world outside of
the regular college one.... into ... "Osteo U" Sounds like fun, but it was
pretty hellish too :) Basically your life revolved around Osteo U if you
were a serious student. I haven't read the textbook Human Osteology.....
but it most likely is the same Osteo U. mentioned. I still have a class
photo.... with my hands inside the mysterious "Black Box." If you think
id's of bones by sight was tough, try doing it by touch only!!!!!!!

Susan (newsreader down temporarily)