Re: Review of Human Evolution

debra mckay (
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 00:08:31 GMT (JSterl7511) wrote:
>One of my intellectual passions is the study of human evolution (I had
>previously been a grad student in biological anthropology twenty years
>ago). However, my job and other commitments preclude me from following
>the field as closely as I would like to. Has there been a review article
>recently published, either in the scientific or lay press, that summarizes
>the current state of knowledge of human evolution covering the period from
>about 6 million years ago to the present and which catalogs and summarizes
>the major fossil finds (human ancestral and human). Thanks.
>John Sterling

Try _The Fossil Trail_ by Ian Tattersall (1995, Oxford University Press); it
includes _Ardipithecus ramidus_ (but while it was still Australopithecus);
it summarizes the major finds and also the philosophical stances which have
influenced interpretation--at least as important as the finds themselves,