Anthropology of Secrets

DouglasMF (
7 Jan 1997 16:22:11 GMT

The primary reason that the majority of people have very little
actual knowledge with any factual or documented substance to back it
up, is a complex issue initself. But it goes something like this...For
over 2000 yrs. there have been secret societies with hidden and very
specific agendas, that have been passed on to a select few along the
way with a single purpose in mind. These groups of intelectual
progressive thinkers have always suppresed the truth and passed on only
enough knowledge to allow for progression of mankind throughout
history. The names of these secret societies are a mystery to most,
simply because it wasn't shared with the masses along the way, but can
be documented by means of intensive research. I'll go back to the years
starting around 900ad, there was a powerful group known as the
ILLUMINATI (reference of any kind is not that hard to locate, a good
county library should contain a few volumes and for anyone including
yourself that has the true desire to really know what is up, this would
be a very ngood place to start for they were and still are a multi
generational secret society that carried on a previous agenda that has
taken untill this century some 1000-1100 yrs for the full
implementation of a very devious conspiracy to overthrow the masses in
ORDER" there roots can be traced to the ILLUMINATI and another 900 yrs
prior. But the threading and links are much much harder to establish,
that is why I say start with the ILLUMINATI and work your way to the
present by linking to the various groups that follow: The Rosicrucions,
Freemasons, Knights of Templar, the 7th Romans, The Builderburger's, The
Rothchild's, Skull and Bones Society (George Bush was member)
Tri-Latteral commission, United Nations, Nato, The Council on Foriegn
Affairs. They are linked and connected and are controlled by several of
the wealthiest dynasties the world has ever known the The Rothchild's
The Rockefellars, and The Builderburgers are the only ones I can
recall as absolutes at this moment but they are a matter of record and
documented fact. There are other families but at this point they are
insignificant and irrelevant, as the [plain and simple fact of the
matter is that together they are looking to finally accomplish a goal
that was created some 20 century's ago, and passed on and handed down
along with the real truth about who we really are as a planet. But that
is for another time. For now I will share a little known piece of
history and knowledge with you as a closer, in exchange for a favor.
What I ask of you is quite simpleand I am under the direct impression
that "A Fair Exchange Is No Robbery" I believe in value for value
relationships but have no idea what value at this point if any you can
share back, so to balance the scale I ask inreturn for the time energy
and thought that went into replying back that after recieving and
reading this that you post it up in the original group you replied to
my last sharing of knowledge, I know it is a little of the subject but
believe it or not all discussed above is directly related to why, who,
and how, Water is on the moon, for those individuals above named are
the controllers of the esoteric knowledge required to achieve that
stepping stone to colonization of the moon. But once again that is for
another time.

The Brain or control center of the Babylonian world system is comprised
of the hidden, cabalistic crew of International Bankerswho own and
control the Federal Reserve and the other central banks of the world.
they will be referred to hereinafter as the Anti-Christ Banksters or
the ABs. The lifeblood of this harlot is the wealth of the world stolen
through the operations of their central and commercial banks.

The political and economic systems of the nations wether 'democracies'
or dictatorships, are not controlled 'by the people and for the people'
but rather by the 'ABs and for the ABs.'The principle by which this
poer is acquired and maintained was set fourth by the founder of the
Rothschild Dynasty of ABs, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, 200 years ago
when he said:
"permit me to issue and control a nations money, and I care not
who makes it's laws.
What this translates to is simply that we now have the best congress
money can buy! The simple but brilliant scheme to enslave whole
nations by controlling there money systems was facilitated by keeping
the people ignorant about money-- the most important thing people must
understand inorder to be free. As John Adams said in 1787:
ALL the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from
defects in their Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor
or virtue, so much as the downright ignorance of the nature coin,
credit and circulation.

Taken as an excerpt from an underground paper I acquired along the way
that I possibly may make available at some point; it explains the rape
pillage and plunder in 6 pages and who, what where, why and how it was
all accomplished... Very powerful information that I would like to get
into as many hands as possible without getting myself murdered over
sharing the truth the light and the way, for that is the inly way that
we the people will ever assume our identities back. once and for all.