Re: State of the world c. 12,000 years ago

Timo Niroma (
1 Jan 1997 21:06:35 GMT

In article <>, (Dale
Woloshin) says:
>A rather basic question, perhaps, but has anyone compiled in a
>succinct form the state of the world at various times. A newcomer to
>this discussion area, I have seen snippets of answers concerning the end
>of the Wurm iceage, or of 30,000 years ago, etc., but am wondering if

The last ice age ended 11,600 +- 100 years ago.

I discussed the theme during the first part of the year 1996 almost to
tiredness, with over 100 letters to sci.archaeology and some also to this

If you have some specifically formulated questions, I would be glad to
try to answer.