State of the world c. 12,000 years ago

Dale Woloshin (
Wed, 1 Jan 1997 14:06:51 GMT

A rather basic question, perhaps, but has anyone compiled in a relatively
succinct form the state of the world at various times. A newcomer to
this discussion area, I have seen snippets of answers concerning the end
of the Wurm iceage, or of 30,000 years ago, etc., but am wondering if
anyone has tried to put together the global perspective of any of thest
times, such as

water levels, climate, arid versus humid regions, general nature opf
planation in various regions, dominant aspects of the food chains, etc.

Of course, there is much speculation in doing this, but geologists and
anthropologists have significant items of data to add to this. If
someone else has already compiled a set of "guestimates" for any
particular time period (though my particular specific interest is
neolithic-->iron age), I would like to see the source.

Again, apologies for such a basic question, but as my field of
scholarship is religious studies and not anthropology per se, there are a
lot of unanswered questions floating around my mind.