Re: "Ape Men -- fact or fiction?"

Susan S. Chin (
Tue, 31 Dec 1996 01:23:07 GMT

Michael J. Gallagher wrote:
: > My friend E-Mailed me the following article, and asked me to post it here for
: > purposes of having the various arguments debated "by the other side." Looking for
: > point-by-point debate, not flames. Thanks in advance.
: [snip]

August Matthusen ( wrote:
: Actually the news group which exists specifically for such
: discussions is

: But before you post this there, I'd suggest reading their FAQ at:
: as it is extremely detailed and already discusses much of what
: you mention.

Also there's not a whole lot that needs debating "by the other side" from
what was posted. The pertinent and largely correct information you are
looking for can be found in any introductory Physical Anthropology
textbook. I have no idea where your friend came upon this
mis-information, but if a discussion of science is what's being asked
here, may I suggest first referring to a scientific textbook for relevant
background first. Otherwise, is the proper forum for your
debate, as noted above.

BTW, the dinosaur found walking side by side with human footprints...
my sources tell me was named Barney.