Re: pseudoscience and fossils

Scott H Mullins (
16 Jan 1995 18:09:29 GMT

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>There is actually very little mud-slinging on this newsgroup,
>to the point that bringing it up when it slips out makes it
>worse. Unless you are personally wronged it is best to let
>the offended person respond.

I am justly chided for not being adequately familiar with
the newsgroup to which I posted. Consider me chastened.

>>I agree that there could be an element of politics involved
>>in the support for the aah.

>I'm not talking about politics at all. I am talking about
>ingrained notions about nature vs nuture.

That is the particular "politics" to which I was referring.
Such notions, IMO, become ingrained through a particular
view of the way the world "is". I was not clear in my comments.