Re: pseudoscience and fossils

Scott H Mullins (
16 Jan 1995 18:04:07 GMT

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[all context removed to protect the guilty]

>Let me, unasked, jump into this. Scott Mullins is a regular
>poster on, a group dealing not only with the never-

Whoops, I've been found out. Thanks for ratting me out, Paul. :-)

>ending attempt by creationists to show that the world was created
>"as is" last Thursday by green unicorns from outer space, but, in
>addition, a group more or less infested with Velikovskyites.

Infested might be a good word for it.

>As a result some of us are very sensitized to Velikovskyite
>arguments. Scott has been one of the more brilliant posters in
>defense of sanity and reason. Also as a result Scott is, I think,
>very sensitive to unjustified name-calling.

The "brilliant" statement was completely uncalled for, Paul. I
expect a retraction and apology. :-)

>It is one thing to argue about interpretations of actual evidence,
>accusations of ignoring other evidence, and other quite serious
>professional things. It is another to label someone or something
>a nut-case.

Bingo. Thanks for the (unasked) interjection. This is precisely
my perspective on such things.

>If the distinction is not clear, and I confess I've probably not
>made it clear, I invite any and all to visit and read
>posts by some of Velikovsky's more fervent successors.

Seems clear enough to me, but then I'm one of the guilty. I've
got the badge to prove it.