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Fri, 20 Jan 1995 06:05:56 GMT

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: > Need info from crackpotologists & anthropologists:
: >
: > I'm beginning research for a possible book on aberrant and kook theories
: > of human evolution. This includes not only theories that suggest how we
: > got here but also those that look forward, such as eugenics.
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Try Charles Darwin's "Origen of the Species"
you can't get kookier than that.

(p.s. Darwin, unlike modern "evolutionists" at least TRIED to be a scientist,
rather than a metaphysician like Stephan gould and other unscientific

Darwin understood that science requires empirical verification of
the "hypothesis"

Darwin assumed that "missing links" for most species would be found!
At the time their were less than a dozen palentologists in the entire
world, so the abence of "missing links" was not a problem!

Darwin , in his "origen" hypthesised that they would be found!

Now a hundred years and TENS OF THOUSANDS of paleontologists later
Darwin's propsed "scintific experiment" [i.e. dig them up] had failed!

So now we have the "theologians" like Gould's "punctualted equillibrium"
that says, rather mysterioulsy:

a) we accept "evolution on FAITH"

b) It happened we know not how, (not slow "natural selection")

c) It happened so fast, it left no evidence!

or Sciece fiction writers like Carl Sagan
who are looking for "creatures from outher space"
[since according to "evolution" theory, it should have happened in many
palces in the "unviverse!

Carl Sagan is so "scientific" that he Deny;s God, as "unscintiific"
and instead looks to the heaven
for "litte green men" or other extrateristrial creatures (exclept god or

So much for the KOOKS!