Re: pseudoscience and fossils

Pat Dooley (
16 Jan 1995 20:44:10 -0500

>In your last two posts you are sticking within the predictable
>pattern of pseudoscience a pseudoscience devote. We have seen
>inaccurate accounts of Piltdown and continental drift and now
>you have not even bothered to check the references I so
>thoughtfully provided showing that you statements about
>sweating are erroneous. You continue to naw away at the old
>bones of refuted facts.

I didn't say enough about Piltdown man to be inaccurate. The only
point I was making is that the academic establishment bought that
line hook, line and sinker.

I mentioned Wegener's continental drift theory because it was regarded
as a crackpot theory by the geological establishment.

I don't have ready access to an academiclibrary so I filed your sweating
article away for future reference. Last year I checked Morgan's citations
on a number of issues and was satisfied that she hadn't misrepresented
them. I haven't checked your references yet but I have seen enough
illogic, and insult from your postings to suggest that I should never take
what you say at face value without getting independent verification.

Pat D