Re: Aberrant Anthropology

Paul J. Gans (
11 Jan 1995 02:32:37 GMT

Kevin D. Quitt ( wrote:
: Thus wrote (Braxton)
: >Pychology experiments with planaria-flatworms-pretty dull creatures that
: >live in streams under rocks, you can teach one a maze-just a simple one
: >and then grind it up, and feed it to its friends and they know the maze.

: It turns out they didn't. The original maze-runners left a trail the
: others followed. When the maze was cleaned between trials, the
: "learning" disappeared. Was I disappointed.

YOU were disappointed! Think of how all them planaria felt!
Paid good money for a quick clue to this worm wearing a grin
and a checkered suit and then they clean maze. And of course,
old checkered suit wasn't anywhere to be found.

Ev Cochrane was a bit down too at the news.

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