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Sun, 08 Jan 95 20:51:26 cst

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alain@quince said...
>: responsible for memory. Besides the flatworms friends aren't any more
>: intelligent after they have their buddy for lunch--they just know
>: The two ain't necessarily the same.
>As far as we know, the 'knowledge' of the maze is not stored in
>specific molecules, but in circuits within the nervous system. This
>information would invariably be destroyed by grinding the worm, and
>even if it wasn't, I see no way for it to somehow pass into his
>buddy's brain.

The theory behind it was that memory is contained in the RNA of an
organism's brain - give the RNA stored in one creature's brain to a
second creature, and voila! more-or-less instant memory transfer. This
seemed to work for a while - not just on flatworms, but on rats, mice,
and even hamsters - until it was realized that not all of the scientists
who tried this were getting positive results. In the face of this ob-
vious discrepancy, the theory slowly lost its credibility among reputable

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