Re: Aberrant Anthropology

Drew Koenig (
8 Jan 1995 16:58:39 GMT

Donna Kossy ( wrote:

: I'm beginning research for a possible book on aberrant and kook theories
: of human evolution. This includes not only theories that suggest how we
: got here but also those that look forward, such as eugenics.

: I recently came across the book, The Beginning Was the End, by Oscar Kiss
: Maerth, published in 1974 by Praeger Publishers. It was originally
: published in German in 1971. Maerth believes that humans evolved from
: cannibalistic brain-eating apes, that intelligence literally can be
: eaten, that we are only smart as a result of the brain-eating habits of
: our forbears. The entire 235-page book is chock full of bizarre ideas --

: Anyway, if anyone has any information on Maerth or other aberrant
: anthropologists I'm all ears.

C'mon, its not that far fetched. King Kong eats brain of Forrest
Gump, produces Mr. Oscar Kiss (!) Maerth.