Wanted: A Book on the History of Firestarting Technology

Richard D. Vincent (vincent@halcyon.com)
27 Feb 1995 06:13:59 GMT

I became interested in firestarting while reading " Man in the Ice."In
there it is mentioned that the Neolithic wanderer was carrying a
firestarting kit with him.I will quote from here: From the tinder-fungus
growing as a parasite on trees a readily ignitable tinder used to be
prepared in the old days by cutting the soft fungal mass into
slices,hammering it vigorously,STEEPING IT IN NITRE,
(potassium or sodium nitrate) and letting it dry."
When I read that it sounded more like modern chemistry and made me
that this was a very sophisticated method of firemaking.So if someone could
point me in the general direction of a good history of firestarting I would
be very appreciative.
Yours truly
Richard Vincent