Re: Recent H. Erectus Find in Georgia (Russia)?

Andrew Millard (
15 Feb 95 09:50:27 GMT

In article <> rtravsky@UWYO.EDU writes:
>The current issue of Science News (Feb 11) has a short
>article on a find of a Homo Erectus lower jaw from the nation
>of Georgia. The jaw has been dated to between 1.8 and
>1.6 million years old. Mention is made of the potential
>effects this find may have on theories of human migration
>into the European peninsula.
>A teaser of an article (to me at least). Is there a fuller
>account to be had?

Yes, a full(er) report can be found in Nature (9 Feb 95) vol 373 509-512
where there is a description of the mandible which has been found in a
Late Villafranchian context. There is a also a news and views article
on page 472 of the same issue.

The jaw ia assigned to homo erectus and is said to be more like the
African rather than Asian specimens. The K-Ar date details have not
been published, just the date of 1.8+/-0.1 Myr for a basal basalt
underlying the fossil deposits.


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