Re: Recent H. Erectus Find in Georgia (Russia)?

Fri, 17 Feb 1995 06:45:39 GMT

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rtravsky@UWYO.EDU (Rich Travsky) writes:

>The current issue of Science News (Feb 11) has a short
>article on a find of a Homo Erectus lower jaw from the nation
>of Georgia. The jaw has been dated to between 1.8 and
>1.6 million years old. ...

>A teaser of an article (to me at least). Is there a fuller
>account to be had?

The original article is in Nature, 9 Feb 1995 (373: 6514), p. 509. Gabunia
and Vekua describe a mandible with an interesting combination of African
and Asian _H. erectus_ features, as well some unique characterstics.
Implications of the find are discussed by Dean and Delson in a support
article on p. 472 (although perhaps slightly biased).

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