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1 Feb 1995 18:36:22 GMT

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|> >Yes, Adam and Eve had daughters, and many scholars claim that since
|> >Adam and Eve had been created in a sinless state, there would be no
|> >harmful effects from brother and sister mating. It would have taken
|> >a few generations for the gene pool to be corrupted by sin so that
|> >mating siblings would be harmful.
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|> What about Cain?

As Thomas pointed out in the previous article, the effect of sin on
the gene pool is pure conjecture, but nonetheless is supported by
the Genesis text. I'm not sure "what about Cain" you are asking,
but I suppose it took several generations to significantly effect
the gene pool. As I have stated earlier, I am not a geneticist nor
have I ever studied this issue because frankly, I don't think it
is such a big deal.