Re: Questions about Cro Magnon

7 Feb 1995 02:24:50 GMT

In article <3h6184$>, (SigDowser) writes:
>Can I assume from your reply that the Cro Magnons did not interbreed with
>the homo sapiens sapies before they ceased to exist in the archaeological
>record at about 10,000BCE?
>Were homo sapien sapiens co located in southern Europe at the same time
>with Neanderthal and later Cro Magnon?
>Who painted those caves we've been hearing about? Was it Cro Magnon or
>homo sapiens sapiens?
>I've been confused by these interfaces for a long time, and I appreciate
>this help in getting it straight.

Well, for starters, Cro Magnons *were* Homo sapiens sapiens. They just happen
to be the most famous of the early specimens.
C.R. Cooper, Dept. of Anthropology
SUNY Albany