RFHjr (
6 Feb 1995 21:55:54 -0500

> As I was taught, to use the methods of science correctly you should
> only form an opinion after evidence is found of a conclusive nature.
> This would be called fact. Evidence which can't be proven conclusively
> has no apparent contradiction would be called Theory. At best Evolution
> a theory, and special creation something less than that. Anyone from
> either camp who will claim to know the truth is certainly less than a
> scientist.

My wording seems to have confused some.The fact that evolution is the
strongest explanation available for the expansion of life on Earth is
undisputable. My statement meant to chastise those in the scientific
community who can so easily abandon objectivity and jump on some bandwagon
or other. The whole dinosaur-bird argument is a good example where the
concept of refining knowledge to irrefutable truth drops to the level a
war of opinion. The point is, how can any scientist choose a "side" when
truth is seldom what someone wants it to be? Hence the need to be