Re: YET another aquatic ape post

Pat Dooley (
5 Feb 1995 20:13:50 -0500

>It's interesting this "ability to swim" stuff. It strikes me that it
>open up a whole string of "aquatic" possibilities. Our Airedale Terrier
>could swim from a very early age. She didn't need any lessons.(She didn't
>"lose" the ability either). So can our border Collie.

Most mammals can swim. However, primates are not very good at it and the
great apes (except Homo) can't swim. Unlike your dogs, Homo also has
good diving ability. You will find, if you hold you dogs underwater, that
don't hold their breath. They don't learn to dive either; weigh their food
and throw it into six feet of water. Even if they see you do it, they
won't be able to retrieve it.

Pat D