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31 Jan 1995 07:31:13 GMT


What a load of crap! How dare you two put trash like this on a public
newsgroup. You ought to be ashamed of defiling a respected member of
the scientific community, no matter what you think of him.

KEEP YOUR PERSONAL defamations TO YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know Johanson personally from Explorers Club meetings and he is a
wonderful guy. Has a beautiful mate, too! So normal people like him.

When's the last time either of YOU got a grant to mount a major
expedition, or for that matter worked in the field at all? What great
discoveries have YOU contributed to our knowledge of anthropology? I
challenge you to post all of your personal victories for us all to see.

It takes guts and glory to get grants! It takes personal bravado and a
selling of the self that makes one puke to think about it. In the end,
publicity, especially self publicity sells expeditions. Think about
what you are saying. Would you say it to Arnold S. or Payne Stewart or
Mario Andretti? Hell, you guys probably don't even know who they are.

I refer to the garbage displayed in the cellar below, where it belongs.

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>Phil Nicholls <> wrote:
>>Ok, someone wanted a new topic. Let's try this one.
>>Is there anyone out there besides be who really loaths
>>Donald Johanson? I mean he is such a shameless selp-promoter.
>>That NOVA series, for example, wasn't about the science of
>>paleoanthropology as much as it was about Donald Johanson-fossil
> I agree about this. He actually called himself a fossil hunter
and not
>an anthropologist. What drives me nuts are his re-anactments of when he
> I do not know the man. I met him once, about a year ago very
>briefly. It was about that time that the series appeared. I lost all
>for him after that. Self-promoter is right.
>>There was no mention of Richard Leakey in the entire presentation.
>>There was no mention of OH-62 OR the Hadar first family fossils.
>>There was no indication that anyone disagreed with his
> Of course not! It seems like once any of these guys disagree,
>mention of the other is stopped. What about agreeing to disagree and
>at least giving some people credit where credit is due. I am glad
>found Lucy and all of that. I just get sick of all of the egos and ass
>kissibg that goes on in physical anthro and, in particular,
>Not to mention the sexism!