Re: Moderated Sci. Newsgroup? THE OLD FARTS CLUB

Jiri Mruzek (
Mon, 23 Dec 1996 06:48:40 -0800

Ed Conrad wrote:

> I have never once wavered from my statement that not a pindot of
> evidence backs up the theory of man's evolution from any inhuman
> primate -- and from anything lower than that.

Then your statement invoking the ancient astronauts was contradictory
to your own beliefs. Certainly, if your material evidence were true,
the first explanation coming to everyone's mind would be Ancient
This should be most plausible, because there is ample time in this
universe for a number of alien intelligencies to have had evolved prior
to Earthly dinos. And so they might have.. Yet, this version of events
remains highly unlikely, as you haven't yet gathered enough expertise
to defend your theories on a strictly factual level. I doubt that you
ever will.. OTOH, I admit that you are well capable of conducting an
amusingly witty slugfest with this NG. It's not brains, you are
lacking Ed, and neither is it sanity. You are lacking a scholarly
foundation for your arguments.
I would also like to mention that from a religious viewpoint, I despise
your portrayal of God, as a creator of a static human intellect.
Yes, Ed, static! For, if there is no Evolution, humanity cannot ever
evolve. In that case, you might as well give this discussion up, what's
true in general will probably be true of us all who misunderstand you,
in thinking we understand you only too well.
Quite to the contrary, as an evolutionist sympathiser myself, I have
high hopes of eventually being able to bring most open minds here over
to my point of view on phenomena such as the mathematical intelligence
in the design of a monkey (!!!) visible on the Peruvian desert near
the town of Nasca, or that I have indeed espied the oldest image of
a horseman in the tangle of lines from one of those exquisitely
etched cave-wall panels from Les Trois Freres, France, and 14,000
years old.