Re: Human Language.

John Waters (
21 Dec 1996 14:09:26 GMT

Thomas Clarke <> wrote in article
> >>Donald calls this stage of mind the mythic stage.
Language is
> >>developed and becomes the dominant mode of social
interaction -

JW: Phew. I nearly missed this bit.

Language is developed, eh? Does Donald say how, or why?

> >Brains are vastly expensive. They did not evolve for
> >purposes of entertainment or a kind of "social glue";
> >can be provided by a little elementary back-scratching.
> Precisely the point. Calvin says they evolved for
> hunting at first. For survival in the cold north later.
> Then when they got big enough the possibility of tale
> arose.

JW: An Elephant's brain is four times larger than a human
brain. Does this create the possibility of tale telling?

>Like sexual selection,
> what objective good is a peacock's tail? Other than for
getting laid?

JW: Gay Peacocks, eh? :-)

> Actually as I think, war is just a part of culture and
> it is many aspects of culture, war included, that
> in the feedback that makes modern man.

JW: Can I extend that concept to make modern language? And
if so, just how far can we take this line of argument back,
in respect of basic language development?