Re: Human Language.

John Waters (
21 Dec 1996 13:44:19 GMT

Paul Crowley <> wrote in article
> (Thomas Clarke) wrote:
> >In article <59csaa$> (Paul Crowley) writes:

> >I don't buy warfare before language.
> The chimps of the Gombe engage in "warfare" - or
> so close that it's hard to describe it otherwise - given
> the other differences. If the A-piths moved to a more
> environment, I can only see such behaviour intensifying.

JW: This statement seems to conflict with your previous
reply, Paul. In that you said:

>Success in
>war depends on skillful diplomacy, the making of
>inspirational leadership, technological and administrative
>superiority and many other skills, all of which need

JW: If success in war depends upon language, are you
suggesting that the Chimps in Gombe, and the A-piths had