Re: 30,000 year old Homo erectus

Susan S. Chin (
Sun, 15 Dec 1996 16:54:48 GMT

T&B Schmal ( wrote:
: At first I was amazed, too. Experts in this group are forever digging up
: the most obscure findings to support their positions - you would think a
: famous "Science" publication would get some creative juices going.
: Perhaps the reason no one has commented is that no one has previously
: staked their reputations on a position that the new finding would
: support. Therefore it is useless.

: Tom

Can't speak for the others, but after reading about the surprisingly
recent dates for the Java Homo erectus in the New York Times online
Thursday, I opted to wait until I had read the SCIENCE article and assess
the reports of the researchers' findings firsthand. It's very hard
to come to any conclusion from reading a science writer's interpretation
of the researchers' work, no matter how competent that writer is.

Our local library carries SCIENCE, but they're usually a few weeks'
behind for some reason. So it'll be awhile before I'll see the article.

As it was, the NY Times article, while very comprehensive in its
explanation of the researchers methodology and possible conclusions of
what was happening in Indonesia 30K years ago, there were many things in
it I found very confusing.