Trish (
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 23:18:19 -0500


Newly subscribed to this newsgroup, I have had the pleasure of reading
the various notes and perspectives of all involved, and I have a
situation that perhaps a few of you could help me with.

Though I am not educated beyond high school, I have a strong interest in
paleoanthropology and primatology. Most of the books and reference
material I have accumulated is generalized, and purchased through local
book stores .. and my only interaction with those of similar interests
has been via the internet.

In keeping with this interest, I volunteer, on the weekends, for a
primate facility that caters to abused, or retired primates. Within the
facility is an eleven year old chimp named Coby .. who is familiar with
some basic sign language. I would be very interested in helping to
expand his language and communication skills. As well, I would like to
know more about behavior and communication .. specific to captive
chimpanzees. If anyone knows of reference material or books that might
help, it would be appreciated.

As well, I am looking for links or publications that would keep me
informed (on a more or less timely basis) about the newest finds, and or
opinions related to paleoanthropology.

Thanks for your help,