Re: An alternative to ST and AAT
9 Dec 1996 19:42:05 GMT

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>> >Most modern humans have an ancestral background in which
>> >polygamic mating systems were normal. These tend to
>> >sexual dimorphism, which explains why it still exists
>> >today. The impact of two thousand years of Christian
>> >monogamy haven't made much impact yet.
>> Since monogamy seems to be a practice in lots of
>non-Christian areas of
>> the world, you have a lot of data to explain away.
>JW: I'm not sure I fully understand your comment here. Are
>you suggesting that there is no sexual dimorphism in the
>world today?
>My comments on polygamic mating systems concerned the
>ancestors of present day humans. By this I meant people
>living 5 to 50 kyrs BP. As I understand it, most such
>people either hunted herding animals, or herded such
>animals. Herding environments tend to encourage polygamic
>mating systems in the herding animals, and sometimes their

Why mention two thousand years of Christianity if your real point
concerned people 5 to 50 thousand years ago?

For your speculation regarding pastoralists, do present day herding
societies -- such as the Lapps -- have a polygamic mating system? Perhaps
you contend that the critical factor to produce monogamy is residence in
Europe. After all I think most researchers believe that the
Indo-Europeans were pastoralists (and according to you polygamists) before
they conquered Europe. But then why weren't the Persians polygamists?