Re: Are we "special"?

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9 Dec 1996 01:22:34 GMT

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> > JW: A minor point Paul. The above sentence intrigues
me. Is
> > fifteen, the school leaving age in Philadelphia? Just
> > curious.
> Nope...just a ballpark estimate of when a human would
> sexual maturity (and yes, I'm well aware that there is a
> of variation in that number).

JW: Would you be prepared to give a ballpark estimate on
the end of the human species infantile stage of
development, Paul.

I have sometimes wondered whether the education systems get
fairly close to this. In Britain, when I grew up many moons
ago, the nursery schools catered for the ages 2 - 4 yrs.
Primary (Infants) from 4 - 6. Junior (Juvenile?) from 7 -
10. Secondary (Adolescents) from 11 - 16. Adult, Further
and Higher (Adult?) from 16 onwards.

Is there any correlation for this in the States?