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9 Dec 1996 11:08:20 GMT (Bob Casanova) wrote:

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>>The difference between me and most of the people you'll hear from
>>. . . is that I deal in facts and evidence. The vast majority of others
>> have long dabbled in fantasy and fiction . . .

>>The saddest part of this story, Julia, is that the scientific
>>community -- eager to protect its erroneous theory -- has resorted to
>>deceipt, dishonesty, collusion and conspiracy in an effort to deny my
>>discoveries and my evidence. Sadly, some of them actually
>>have tampered with the results of the evidence.

>The balance of Ed's post is more of the same, so I'll only encourage
>you to get a good education, and examine the evidence knowledgeably.
>Good luck in your chosen field, and,once more, beware of the
>charlatans, particularly those who feel persecuted by the scientific

Bob Casanova actually is giving you some real good advice, Julia.
Beware of the charlatans, particularly those who now are all shook up
because they are being seriously challenged. At long last, their con
game (their lack of documented evidence to substantiate their
petrified-brain theories) is finally receiving the proper public
scrutinty that has been so sorely needed.

As for my stance against the corrupt scientific establishment (which
wouldn't accept truth about man's origin and ancestry if it tripped
over it). kindly remember that these Birds of a Feather nest together
-- and this explains rather well why they have been ganging up on me
and questioning my integrity (since there is little more they can do).

Clayton Lennon, my late dear friend, was well aware of the incredible
odds I was facing when taking on the scientific establishment and, in
a few well-chosen words, put it in a nutshell:

>> ``You're not only fighting the man
>> in the ring, Ed. You're fighting
>>> the referee and the three judges."
>>> Clayton Lennon
>>> (1900-1996)

The facts and evidence:

The fantasy and fiction: