Re: Are we "special"?

Thomas Clarke (
6 Dec 1996 20:16:01 GMT

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>In article <586ume$>, (Thomas
>Clarke) writes:

>>Here are three statements:

>>1. Human beings are animals subject to evolution.

>>2. Human beings uniquely among animals have language and culture.

>>3. The evolutionary circumstances of human beings are non-special.

>>It seems to me that 3 together with 1 implies that 2 is false.

>> I conclude that 3 is false.

>You need to work on your logic.

OK. Where is the argument wrong? I am prepared to entertain the
idea that some step is in error, but since I wrote the above, obviously,
I do not see the error.

You will have to expand upon your pithy comment if you want to convince

Tom Clarke