Re: Way to eliminate nutcases from newsfeed

Noel Dickover (
Wed, 4 Dec 1996 10:54:36 -0500

> P.S. I do know that this post does not quite belong here but in
> or whatever it is called. However, it is just one more little
> out-of-place posting which, by indirect ways, may even contribute to the
> quality of the discussion in these 3 newsgroups.
> Domingo Martinez-Castilla

I apoligize to for starting this thread here, but I just felt so elated
when I figured out how to do this. And I really don't mind reading the
follow-up flames to the nutcases once in a while, I just hate reading
from the nutcases directly.

Now on to more interesting subjects: Organizational Anthropology anyone?


Noel Dickover
Business Unit Leader - Organizational Change