Human Imagination plus testosterone

Donald Hamilton (
4 Dec 1996 16:32:31 GMT

Ever since mankind received an imagination at the time of the
transformation, about forty thousand years ago, there has been steady
human progress. This was the time when people began painting pictures of
animals on cave walls and creating beautiful artifacts and tools, (when
the Homo Sapiens became the Homo Imaginative Sapiens). It has been
extremely chaotic, however, since this transformation took place and
remains so today. This new mental power, Human Imagination, combined with
testosterone is a powerful combination that has propelled mankind through
the ages to this precarious spot were we stand today. The "Mind" of
mankind is capable of extraordinary positive creativity (invention of
languages, technology and beautiful art that have raised the standard of
living of its people to unbelievable heights). It has also waged
countless wars that have resulted in, tremendous destruction and human
suffering. The imaginative "Mind" has invented terrible weapons thoughout
its history to carry out all this destruction. We all sit on a time bomb,
as a result of the potent combination of male hormones and imaginative

At present we are putting a immense burden on the planet's environment
with our growing population and have built a tremendous stockpile of
hideous weapons that can destroy us all. Only through "fear of the
consequences" will we be able to survive far into the future. (With a
little bit of luck maybe even a hundred years or so.) With the human
population exploding, infesting our planet with people, challenging our
farmers to feed them, - the tremendous stockpile of nuclear weapons,
waiting for some leader to make a mistake and launch them and, - deadly
viruses constantly evolving, looking for a weak spot in our health care
defenses to strike, it will take all the imagination the "Mind" can
muster to survive for the next hundred years.

Don Hamilton, author of "The Mind of Mankind - Human Imagination, the
source of Mankind's tremendous power!"