Re: Who are P Bigelow and E Morgan

Phillip Bigelow (
Wed, 28 Dec 1994 18:14:04 GMT

Ray McAllister <> writes:

>As a newcomer to this newsgroup it would be useful if every so often the
>main posters who carry on somewhat acrimonious debates would post a
>little vita so we would know their backgrounds, the better to evaluate
>their information. I suppose I'll get flamed and told to get lost if I
>dont know them but wouldn't that be great. Then only two or three would
>be in the newsgroup and none of us would learn about something we clearly
>are interested in.

Elaine Morgan is an anthropologist who has made some claims that need to be
As with a few others on this thread, I am just a naturally very skeptical
layperson, who places more weight on the fossil evidence than I do on the
fact that humans are hairless and a little fat as a species. I just demand
a little more in the way of fossil evidence than does Morgan and her band of
supporters. I'm just a layperson. A skeptical layperson.