Re: AAT reply from Elaine Morgan

19 Dec 1994 10:18:33 GMT

In <> writes:

` I'm a newbie just catching up on the backlog, This is my second
` attempt to respond to a lot of comments in one go, I'm not too sure
` how this thing works.


I'm reading this on the weekend, and it appears I'm the first
person on this side of the pond to respond. First, I'd like to
say, welcome to the group! Your writings are in large part
responsible for this group's creation, and I can tell you, you're
going to have some fun here. If this was your second attempt, the
first one didn't surface. By the way, just out of curiousity, noting
your address, I wonder whether Douglas Adams had a hand in
bringing you on board?

Myself, I'm getting quite comfortable sitting here on the fence
about the AAH; though I find it quite appealing. I know I'm
a damnsight more aquatic than a housecat, and given the choice
of any habitat on the globe, I'd take a tropical seashore as
first choice with no second even in sight, and I'd spend about
40% of my time in the water. How much of that is deep in my
biology though, I can't tell.

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