Re: Help me find a good Anthro. Grad. school!

Sat, 24 Dec 1994 09:12:32 GMT

In article <3dg0kc$> {Rick Lambert} writes:

>> (Darren Lee) writes:
>> Would all frequent readers and posters of this newsgroup please post any
>> realavent info. on graduate studies where you have or are attending. I
>> am an undergrad student at the University of Alberta, with my major field
>> of study being physical anthropology. All suggestions from anywhere will
>> be gladly accepted.
>> Darren Lee (
> Have you any idea what your preferred research area will be? Do you find
>youself quoting the some authors more than others, and do you know where
>they teach? Physical anthropology is still broad, I did some research last year
>for biological anth (behavioral ecology, evolution cooperation, etc.), and my first
> choice would have been U. Michigan, followed closely by Emory, U. New Mexico,
> and Harvard.
> Does physical anthropology mean bones and digs for you - forensic work, medical,
>etc.? What about your philisophical orientation towards the field as a whole?
>Answer these questions, and you'll have the profile of the school you're looking for.
> Maybe then a prof. who just happens to be one of your favorite authors might
>see your post, and....

> Sincerely,

> Richard Lambert

U. Michigan, Suny - Stony Brook, Washington U (St. Louis), Duke, UC Berkeley
all seem to have good programs with high placement rates for their
graduating students, but there are many other good programs across the U.S.
A. If you are interested in the evolution of modern humans, Stanford has an
exciting new program going.

If you are feeling more adventurous you should consider the University of
the Witwatersrand here in Johannesburg. We have fine academic facilities
and direct access to key fossils and fossil sites, as well as a more wide-
ranging program in human biology. Those of you who may be interested should
contact me directly, as I am the director of the graduate programme in the
Department of Anatomy and Human Biology.


Dr. Jeffrey K. McKee 055JKMS@CHIRON.WITS.AC.ZA
Hominid Palaeoecology Research Programme
Department of Anatomy and Human Biology
University of the Witwatersrand Medical School
Johannesburg, Gauteng
South Africa